After 3 days, He will revive us. Your story is changing tonight

*The presence of God will bring you out of the grave of failure, depression, confusion, stagnation.

“with men, this is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible” – Mark 10:27

Medical doctors will be wondering the reality of autism: how can that be? A fellow doctor is testifying that Jesus healed her daughter and she is still in shape today. Whatever the Lord does shall be forever. 

- Whatever has been classified as impossible regarding your health clears off tonight.

It is our God that sets the solitary in families and brings out those that are bound in chains. He brings them out of their captivity (Psalm 68:6).

Every marital captivity represented here: some are married and they wished they are not married; some have never known rest since they got married; some are out of marriage today, back tomorrow by the machinations of hell; some are overdue for marriage, the chains held them down.

- Whatever represents marital captivity clears the way tonight.

- Every generational curse because by redemption, you now belong to a new lineage. You are now members of the household of God. You are now heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ. 

- In the name of Jesus, shame does not belong there, reproach does not belong there, bedwetting does not belong there, spirit wife/husband does not belong there.

- I decree your unquestionable rescue tonight.

10 years of no job after graduation and finding himself in the secondary school every night: wicked devil.

- Every operation of the devil that is responsible for the setbacks of your life, they clear the way for you tonight.

After 2 days will He revive us and on the 3rd day He will raise us up (Hosea 6:2). This is the 3rd day of Shiloh, you are changing position tonight. 

- You are changing position tonight.

- Your position is changing tonight!!!

- God is re-writing your story tonight.

- Your own story is changing tonight!!!

Wherever you might be gathered around the nations of the earth, many are by the television; around the world, wherever you may be, the presence of God on this 3rd night will bring you out of your grave.

- You are out of the grave of failure!

- Out of the grave of depression!

- Out of the grave of stagnation!

- Out of the grave of confusion in the name of Jesus and so shall it be.

Breathe on your Word tonight and let no one leave here without a definite encounter with You through your Word, in Jesus precious name. 

- The few days remaining for the year to end, God will visit you with surprises!