See 4 benefits of righteousness consciousness as shared by Pastor Sampson

 Righteousness is one of the virtue everyone Christian must strive to possess in the journey to heaven.

During his message on the second day of the 21 Days fasting and Prayers by the Salvation Ministries in preparation to the annual programme, 5 Nights of Glory 2021, Pastor Salem Sampson preached on the topic: "Righteousness Consciousness."

The pastor told his congregation that "your righteousness is not determined by your works but by the grace of God through Jesus Christ."

Pastor Sampson encouraged his the members of the Church to be conscious of being righteous at all times as that is one of the main prerequisite to obtain favours from God.

Speaking further, Pastor Salem Sampson said there are four main benefits of righteousness consciousness that everyone should expect if they walk in consciousness of righteousness.
1. It is the backbone of faith: He said when you're righteousness consciousness, your faith will be stronger and with that, you will stand firm in the Lord.

2. You become useful to God, yourself and others: Righteousness Consciousness will make you to be useful not only to God, but to yourself and other people around you.

3. Give you an edge over the devil and his works: Walking in righteousness will make you to stand firm in your walk with God. When God's words dwell in you, you will have edge over the devil and his works.

4. You walk cheaply into your inheritance: Walking in righteousness consciousness will make you to struggle lest. God will not allow you to stumble when you walk in him.