How to know if you are in a healthy relationship

Many young people are said to be in relationship but only few understands the rules to sustain relationship.

In his short article, Pastor Mark Miracle highlighted eight ways to know that you are in a healthy relationship with your partner.

The founder of Pure Gospel Citadel explained that a healthy relationship finds its way through the light of the Word of God and not from what the society says.

Below are eight ways to know if you are in a healthy relationship:

1- A healthy relationship is one which love enriches you, not imprisons you.

2- A healthy relationship thrives on trust not on disbelief and doubt for each other.

3- A healthy relationship is that which foundation is built on friendship rather than money and material gains.

4- A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd. For your relationship to take a lead both couples must disassociate from the bandwagon of old friends and society. Back the crowd and only face a few who mean well for your relationship.

5- A healthy relationship finds its joy and fulfillment in the truth of God's Word and not in what the society says.

6- No one can destroy the iron but it's own rust, likewise no one can destroy your relationship but you. without your consent, no one can creep into your relationship, be mindful of who you attach to your relationship!

7- What you allow is what will continue, a relationship becomes healthy when you both consciously, practically, prayerfully and repeatedly disallow words, actions, places, friends or relatives who are capable of destroying your relationship.

8- When you look up to men, men will look down on you. From courtship, marriage and to family life, decide to never look up to men but let God be the center of your relationship. What God has not done for your relationship is what your relationship does not need now.