Pastor Ibiyeomie reveals what will happen if he announced properties of Salvation Ministries Church

The founder of the Salvation Ministries Church globally, Pastor David Ibiyeomie has revealed what will happen to people if he begin to announce properties acquired by the Church.

Pastor Ibiyeomie made this revelation when he was preaching during the Fifth Service at the Church headquarters in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Speaking on the topic: "Miracles, Worship and Praise", the founder of Salvation Ministries Church explained that his church have not witnessed a better year because every year is always the best in every areas of the Ministry.

According to Pastor David Ibiyeomie; "This ministry never have a better yesterday, we keep increasing every year in numbers and finances.

"We have many properties we don't announce openly again, if we announce them, many people will faint."

Pastor Ibiyeomie also admonished his congregation to always engage in praise and worship as that is a way of obtaining supernatural breakthroughs.

He said; "To be blessed, you have to be a praiser and worship to God.

"If Abraham was a worshiper of God and he succeeded in all his deed, then, we must keep praising and worshiping God."